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Title: Lost files...
Post by: nysa on December 06, 2002, 08:39:24 AM
Oh no - not me again  :oops:

I did something stupid today (not the first time, maybe  :wink: ), by accident I was already running blog in server mode when I tried to start it again - I got some message about "I/O Error" and then I realized that all data files were gone  :( The first thought that struck my mind was that I must have by accident deleted them (shift-delete), but I'm quite sure that the only thing I did was trying to start the program.

Blog detected that another instance was already running, but appearantly too late (if this now was the reason for my files disappearing).

Bad luck, I guess, and no backup... So, I had to save my HTML pages from the server, so I can restore it. Not tonight, though  :!:
Title: Lost files...
Post by: nysa on December 06, 2002, 04:06:57 PM
After a short nights sleep, I think I know what I did that caused the problem. Yes, I tried to start blog when it was already running, but as mentioned, that was detected by blog. But - my blog server is running on another machine and yesterday evening I mounted the filesystem from that machine to my "normal" computer and tried to start blog from the same directory where the other one was already running on the other machine. Bad idea...
Title: Lost files...
Post by: Fahim on December 07, 2002, 10:56:32 AM
Ah, that would not get detected by Blog - your'e right bad idea :p Blog detects another instance running on the same machine but not on different machines ..