Author Topic: Various scripts I've been writing today  (Read 3333 times)

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Various scripts I've been writing today
« on: March 28, 2004, 11:03:52 AM »
My webhost died a few days ago, and I didn't have my site very well backed up.  This prompted me to write a few scripts.  I'm not sure whether they could be useful to you guys, but I'm making them available anyway, in case anyone wants them:

    breakout_href.js -- on page load, parses all <a href...> tags, determines which tags point to off-site locations, and inserts a "target=_blank" attribute for those off-site targets

    expander.js -- rewritten expandable / collapsible text that changes the label of the switch to activate the expand / collapse.  Uses the same syntax as the old script.

    fixDeadImg.js -- on page load, gives images a few seconds to load. Any images that haven't loaded after that duration are automatically hidden.[/list:u]In previous entries on my blog I had posted howto's on
expandable text and setting up a calendar.  Those howto's will be broken for a few days until I can finish assessing the damage to my site and get everything working again.  =/