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Remote Blogging accepted via >1 Email Addresses
« on: January 02, 2005, 12:50:40 PM »
Evening all. I've been bloggering about for a few days and would like to ask a question if I may.

The first thing is that I am really impressed with Blog - it does all sorts of good things that I need.

Having said that <g> I have set up blogs on more than one domain, and I would like to accept remote postings. I've got to grips with the Subject line syntax:

[Blog]<$BlogName=JournalTitle>Title of blog entry

What I can't do is find a way to accept postings on appropriate email addresses for each domain.


My personal blog is at
I would like to accept postings for this on [email protected]

A "newswire" blog I am setting up several people to use is at
I would like to accept postings on [email protected]

They are set up as separate journals, FTP sites etc. but the email address seems to be set on a "per installation of blog" basis.

Could someone confirm that that is correct?

If so, I guess this is also a feature request for mail settings configurable per domain, FTP site or even per Journal,

I suppose that if digests are managed per journal, then perhaps the same would be logical for incoming mail addresses?

A workaround would be 2 copies of blog on one machine, or on separate machines, but it's a touch untidy to do - or I can live with one email address and just rely on the automatic subject line filtering.

Thanks for the help and any comments are welcome.