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Post any bugs you might find in the current beta here.

To keep this thread as useful as possible, do the following when posting here:

1. Make sure you are using the most current beta version of Blog (check  for the latest version). Blog 8 Beta 3 shows version 7.903 on the about dialog (see Help menu option About).
2.  Write down the steps needed to reproduce the bug.  If a bug cannot be reliably reproduced, there's little chance that Fahim will actually be able to fix the bug.
3.  If Blog is crashing or locking up, try running Blog while no other programs are running and see if the problem still happens.
4.  When posting your bug, use the following format:

Version: 7.903
Summary:  Write a descriptive summary of what the bug is doing (or not doing).
1.  Give step by step directions on what has to be done to reproduce the problem.
2.  Yes, give every little detail.

And finally, don't post feature suggestions in this thread.  Use it only for bug reports.

Version: 7.903
Summary: The tab order on the Create Hyperlink (ctrl+L) dialog is basically unuseable and none of the option have hotkeys assigned.  Also, when reopening the dialog the last focused control is now the current focused control instead of the URL field having focus.

1.  Open the dialog by pressing ctrl+L or using the context menu.
2.  Press tab to see the tab order:

0. URL
1. http:// check box
2. OK button
3. Cancel button
4. Other Attributes field
5. Target
6. Browse Button

3. Note that none of the options have hot keys assigned.
4. Close the dialog using the X at the top right and reopen the dialog to see that the last control to have focus still has focus (closing by clicking OK or pressing enter will place focus on the OK button when reopening the dialog, clicking Cancel or press Esc will place focus on the Cancel button when the dialog is reopened).

I would recommend the following tab order and hotkeys:
0. URL
1. Browse Button
2. Target
3. http:// check box
4. Other Attributes field
5. OK button
6. Cancel button

Version: 7903
Summary: The calendar which shows which days have posts does not always update.

1. Change to any month other than the current one.
2. Click Today to show the current date and instead of showing which dates have posts, either no dates will be in bold or only the first will be bolded.
3. Similarly, changing journals does not update the calendar under any circumstances.

1. Use either the previous or next month buttons to navigate to the next/previous month and then back to have the calendar show dates with posts correctly.

First of all Ty, thanks for setting up such an orderly and efficient way to submit bugs - I wanted to thank you yesterday but somehow it felt wrong to post something here that wasn't bug related :p Is the new date bolding bug different from the one which existed in Blog 7.x? It has been a while and I don't remember the exact code ... Changing the journal certainly should trigger the bolding again - that is definitely a bug but the month thing might be the old limitation in the date control in Delphi since it doesn't seem to fire a change event when you change the month or the year by clicking on the Month name or year name. Or something like that ... again, the details are hazy in my mind now :p


--- Quote from: Fahim on January 21, 2005, 02:42:59 PM ---Is the new date bolding bug different from the one which existed in Blog 7.x?

--- End quote ---

Version: Blog 7.10
Summary: The calendar which shows which days have posts does not always update.

Details & Workaround: Sure, the same as in 7.903 ;-)

-- Wayfarer

P.S. Fahim, you should make this topic 'sticky' in the forum  :-)


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