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First of all, Thanks to you guys for a kick-arse program.  :lol: I searched long and hard for a program similar to this, and was on the verge of writing my own, when I found Blog, and fell in love. Then my laziness kicked in and I thought, "Why reinvent the wheel? These folks have done a much better job making a wheel than I would have done."  :mrgreen:

Needless to say, I am hooked.  :-D

However, I am writing this due to a small problem I am having. It seems I am like a lot of users who began using the program whilst neglecting to use the archive feature. I began to see a need for it when my main page became very lenthy.  :-P

I published my archives at When I click on one of the archive dates, however, the page that loads looks horrible. I created a template and have assigned it to be used in the options, but it still publishes an incomplete html file with just a table containing the months entries.

Also, another smaller matter. Each date in the archive TOC is prefaced with "01". Is there a way to disable this?

I know these are probably annoyingly simple things to fix, but my forum search kung-fu has come up empty so far.  :x

Thanks again for the really great program,
and thanks in advance for any help you guys can toss my way!  :-)

[email protected]

To format the way your archive text is displayed, edit the Journal Management > Archive Date Format value.  :)  I have mine set as "mmmm yyyy," and it displays my archives as, for example, "March 2005."

As for your template problems, the monthly archive pages will use your Journal template, and there's no way to change this, as far as I know.  From viewing the source code of your monthly archive pages, there is no "header" or "footer" information:

--- Code: ---<table><tr><td align=left><h3> and some Site Updates </h3></td><td align=right><h2>Tue, Apr 05 2005 @  10:03:19 PM</h2></td></table>
 <a id="BlogID34" name="BlogID34"></a><p>
  I recently had the pleasure of surfing across the Top 75 Network Security
  Tools list. This list is a good starting point for a new admin who wants to test
  and experiment with network auditing and intrusion detection. The site was created
  a couple of years ago:

  <i>In May of 2003, I conducted a survey of <a href="">Nmap</a>
  users from the <a href="">nmap-hackers</a> mailing
  list to determine their favorite security tools. Each respondent could list up to
  8. This was a followup to the highly successful June 2000 <a href="">Top
  50 list</a>. An astounding 1854 people responded in '03, and their recommendations
  were so impressive that I have expanded the list to 75 tools! Anyone in the security
  field would be well advised to go over the list and investigate tools they are unfamiliar
  with. I discovered several powerful new tools this way. I also plan to point newbies
  to this page whenever they write me saying &quot;I do not know where to start&quot;.

  I updated recently by adding a page with listings of <a href="" target="_blank">IRQ,
  DMA, and I/O Addresses.</a> Another page was added which hosts a great deal of tabular
  data describing <a href="" target="_blank">network
  topologies</a>, their speeds and other information.
--- End code ---

You may want to double-check your Journal template to make sure the header and footer are being included correctly.

If you haven't already tried this, shut down Blog and restart it; try republishing your archives by date and then check your site again.

I hope this helps!

Ok. You are absolutely correct. I modified the Journal template because I use asp and I include the the journal in my index.asp file. So I made the journal template like this:

 <table><tr><td align=left><h3><$BlogTitle></h3></td><td align=right><h2><$BlogDate> @  <$BlogTime></h2></td></table>

and it is saved as blog.asp.

However, I created another template called "newtemp", and here it is:

<!-- #include virtual="/cgi-bin/text_counter.asp" -->
<!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/head.asp" -->
<TITLE>Tech Geekz IT Resource Directory</TITLE>
<meta name="snipped for clarity." />
<META NAME="snipped for clarity" />
<body onLoad="focus();the_form.q.focus()">
<table border=0 vertical-align=top width="100%">
<caption><!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/header.asp" --></caption>
<th valign=top><!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/mainnavbar.asp" -->
<td valign=top WIDTH="60%">
 <table><tr><td align=left><h3><$BlogTitle></h3></td><td align=right><h2><$BlogDate> @  <$BlogTime></h2></td></table>

<td valign=top align=right><!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/google.asp" -->

<!-- #include virtual="/footer.asp" -->

 I changed the Archive Template option in the Journal Management screen to the new template, but it still saves them the same way regardless. I am stumpted. I tried backup/reinstall, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply!  :-)


Blog basics (because your assumption that none of us have ever used archives is wrong ;) ):

--- Quote ---The Templates tab is used to store the templates that Blog will use to generate pages. There are two types of templates: Journal and Archive. Journal templates are designed to generate the main blog page and all archived pages. Archive templates are designed to generate an index of all archive pages.
--- End quote ---

If you are using an archive template to try and generate an archived page of your blog, you'll end up with nothing but heartache as the archive template can only be used to generate archive index pages.  As noted above (quote is from the help file...see below) the journal template is used to generate both the main page and the archive pages.  If you want a seperate look for your archive pages, let me know and I can help you setup Blog to use one journal template for your main page and a seperate one for your archive pages.

There is a seperate help file for Blog.  I've made the thread that contains links to the Blog Help file sticky so it won't keep vanishing from sight.

If most forums could be helpful places as this one, the internet would truly be a better experience for most folks. I really appreciate all the responses. I finally get the gist of this problem. I am at work now, but when I get home, I will really look at that help file closer.

Tyran, I would really appreciate if you could help me set this up with separate blog templates. I use the main one to create my main blog, and use an ASP include to insert it into my index.asp homepage. I really want to keep this in place, since it makes keeping my entire site easy to change and edit.

Once again, thank you all so much!  :-)



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