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Rutroh Rastro! Archives all gone!


I'm not sure what I did, but my entire blog directory disappeared from my site.  I was able to restore the current month with a republish (after recreating the folder), but none of my archives prior to July 1, 2006 were restored.

I do have everything still stored locally on my hard drive, it's only the web copy that was affected.

Any recommendations to re-upload roughly 16 months worth of back postings?

(I'm on WinXP Home, Blog sez 7.903 but I thought I was on 8. something beta - not the most most current but probably the last most current?)

Sounds as if something deleted your web folder :-( Anyway, as to restoring your archives, you can go the long, agonizing road of having Blog publish Archives for the whole period you have entries but if all your entries are on Blog and they are 16 months of stuff, it might take a while to upload. The other option would be to set up Blog to publish locally and then publish everything to a local folder and then upload the archive files from the local publish via an FTP client to your server. Hope that explanation is clear and is not confusing ...

**hugs**  All is well again!  Thank you thank you!!


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