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This is going to sound weird... Post ID question


Call me crazy...  (all together now:  "Goody, you're crazy")

After having lost my entire site last weekend and having Fahim pointing me to the "publish archives" option, silly me thought that maybe this would be a good time to more or less start fresh. Especially now that I know I can in fact restore the archives if something went kablooey.  I went out and got a portable brain and installed the newest beta on it (since I couldn't find my CD with 8.0B3 install files...) and copied over all my templates and settings, but NOT a full backup.  My existing stuff is all still on my hard drive at the house. 

But I noticed something and wondered if this is going to be a problem.  (Obviously) my BlogID starts over at #1.  And (obviously) I have a prior post #1 from when I first started using Blog.  Am I going to end up overwriting my posts from 2005 one by one as I post under the new version? 

Actually Goody, what you should be doing is not starting all over again with a fresh install but rather, upgrading :) Basically create a Blog folder on your portable brain, copy over all the contents of your current Blog folder and then install Blog from the latest beta onto the same folder (the one on the portable brain :p) It will prompt you to upgrade when you first run Blog and after that, you should have your old blog entries with a new Blog install.

The other option, since you already have a new Blog install, is to take a backup on your old Blog install, and then extract the contents of the backup ZIP file into your new Blog folder (while Blog is not running). After that, when you first run Blog, it will prompt you again to upgrade. Simply go through the process, Blog might not work correctly after the upgrade. In that case, simply quit and come back in (that bug is fixed in the latest beta which has not yet been released.)


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