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Help! Need to delete a hidden entry


And I don't know how it got hidden in the first place.  :oops:

I have a post on 10/18/06 that until I published today didn't show up anywhere.  When I click on that date in the Blog software (8.05b, if I understand the version code right?), the program locks up on me.  After shutting down and restarting it, I can add posts to other days, view any other day, backup, publish, etc.  I just can't click on 10/18 and actually DO anything.

Now that the phantom has published, it looks as though I was in the middle of creating an entry and somehow got interrupted.  But I don't remember that.  I do remember having problems the night of the 18th with the program not being responsive, but I didn't think I'd gotten as far as creating the evening post that showed up on publish.

So is there any way to make this little gremlin disappear?  :evil:

Have you tried using the table repair option under Tools? If not, try that and if that doesn't work, then create a backup of your data and e-mail it to me and I will repair it for you :)

Repair Table gave me a File-Open prompt...  I guessed and picked Entries.DAT, told it to back up, and ran it.  And then it locked up again.  I don't know if it locked during the repair or after. 

Fortunately, I did backup last week as well, unfortunately AFTER this came up.  Would have been nice if I'd done a backup just a few days prior and could just revert to that...

Oh, and the next time I bring up Blog, I get an error message that may or may not be related:
"DBISAM Engine Error #11013: Access denied to table C:\DOCUME~1\JLIACE\LOCALS~1\Temp\blogtmp\32682.DAT"

I've run repair on each of the DATs in the Blog directory but did not create a new post before publishing to see if I was fixed.  I locked up in Publish as well, it uploaded archive, uploaded index.php and pinged both and, but didn't continue on from there.

Edit: Created a new post, saved, published.  First time I got time-out error, republished and it wentthrough the full process fine.  The gremlin is still there, and I'm afraid to click on the 10/18 calendar date in Blog to see if I can actually view entry(ies), cause that's been the action that has caused it to lock up on me for the past few days.

Edit again:  Woot!  I can get into 10/18 now!  (yeah, I have nothing better to do today at work than play with Blog LOL).  Now I can see the weirded out entry, although I still have no idea what made it go wacky.  I've successfully deleted it and re-published with no problems.

Who knows, maybe it's been a full moon or something.... or maybe it really was Halloween gremlins...  Whatever it was, we seem to be gold again!  Thanks!


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