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Hi all....and thanks Fahim for all the work you've done on Blog.

I've been using Blog 7.10 very successfully.  My blog entries save to the directory where I want them to go.  Then I use WS FTP LE to upload the files to the server at Newsguy. 

I thought I might start to use some of the other utilities that are native to Blog such as direct publishing the external server and automatic processing of entries via email.

I am currently running in "Standard" mode.  One change at a time.

Under the "FTP Sites" tab I have correctly put in my login info, port, etc.

Under the "Sites" tab, I have selected the site created under the FTP Sites tab and put the correct absolute directory.

I then created a test entry, saved it, and attempted to publish it.

At first, it would timeout.  I'm pretty sure my local firewall is the problem as when I turn off the firewall it appears to transmit the files correctly:

--- Quote ---Started Publish Process ...
Started Archival Process ...
Connecting to Site
Root directory is: /home/dainbramage
Transferring file C:\DOCUME~1\xxx\LOCALS~1\Temp\blogtmp\arc20100124.htm
Transferring file C:\DOCUME~1\xxx\LOCALS~1\Temp\blogtmp\archive.htm
Archival Process Completed!
Transferring file C:\DOCUME~1\xxx\LOCALS~1\Temp\blogtmp\blog.htm
Exiting site
Completed Publish Process ...
--- End quote ---

When I go to my site to see the new entry, it isn't there.  I checked via WS FTP and it shows that a new file is there based on the date/time stamp.

It is currently about 8 PM.  My entry in Blog is at about 8 PM.

But the file creation date is at about 3 AM.

Also, the calender in Blog is not bolded on today's date as it usually is when there is an entry on that date.

My blog is at  in case that helps at all.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

The thing is, I've moved from Windows to a Mac and have not done any Blog development in a few years :( I'll try to help but not sure how much assistance I can be given that I don't even have the means to create a new build of Blog, if necessary, given that I'm not on Windows any longer. But let's try :)

The file creation dates on the server should not matter - unless you're checking to see if the file is the right one. The server will simply publish whatever it finds, it doesn't check dates. Just clarifying.

However, I notice that you're publishing to /home/dainbramage. This could certainly be your root folder but most web hosts have the root under public_html or http or httpdocuments or something like that. Do you by any chance have a folder like that under /home/dainbramage? Or are all your site files under the /home/dainbramage folder?

Thanks very much!  That did the trick.

I'm glad that the solution was that simple :)


I want to offer my deepest thanks for your Blog software.  I truly enjoyed using it for the last 6 1/2 years.

Unfortunately, I have to move on to something else.  The thing that tipped the scales in favor of moving on was that Haloscan is ending their service.  I don't have a machine of my own to run Blog on, so I am moving on to Blogger.

Again, I truly do appreciate your work and your support.

Warmest regards,


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