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Hello. I'm re-organizing my blog. I currently have a main blog with three sub-blogs, in three subfolders of the main folder. Back in 2005 it had sense to make it that way... but now I wish to merge all the sub-blogs with the main blog. I know I can manually copy all posts in the sub-blogs as posts in the main blog, one by one... but that would take a lot of time.

I suspect that all the posts in the DB have a unique ID regardless of the blog they belong to, and also that posts are retrieved for each blog using a 'Blog ID' field. Am I right? Then, there should be easy to move all the posts at once to the main blog just by accesing the database table and changing the 'Blog ID' to the one that identifies the main blog, right?

If so, the question is: which tool (or tools) can I use to access the Blog database directly?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

-- Wayfarer

PS. As always, Blog (with initial uppercase) = the program / blog (all lowercase) = the web log. ;-)

Hey :) Unfortunately, I haven't used Blog in a long time and it's been even longer since I did any coding work on it. So I don't remember how it was set up. What you say sounds logical and I hope that's the way I did it but I can't be absolutely certain. To make things worse, I'm on a Mac now and so don't have a Windows machine with the proper tools to even go back and check quickly :)

But if you want to go through the DB and check, the DB software came from ElevateSoft. I'm not using their newer ElevateDB. Rather, what I used was the DBISAM database. The DBISAM info is here:

I believe they had a set of free tools to access DBISAM databases but I can't seem to find the download on the site. Perhaps you need to register to download since the whole download area requires a login. Only thing is, I don't remember my login either and so you probably would need to create your own login and see if the tools are still available for download.

Hope this helps.

I guess this is going to be complicated...

So I'm the very last user of Blog, I guess :-P

-- Wayfarer

There's one more user that I know of but he's a programmer and so he's been figuring out stuff as he goes :)

Maybe it'd be a good idea to release the source code through Sourceforge, Freshmeat or a similar site ;-)

By the way,  I was right about the BlogID topic. :-) I've found a tool that lets me make changes directly in the tables: EMS DBISAM Manager. It's also obsolete and there's not even mention of it in the current EMC website, but it's still on their FTP server and works fine. I still have to do the change register by register, but it's a lot less job than doing it manually by reposting ;-)


-- Wayfarer


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